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Talent Management & Marketing Platform to Plan, Run and Measure Social Campaigns

“Socialedge provides the structure and flexibility we need to run successful influencer marketing campaigns at scale.”

Josh Kaplan — Director, United Entertainment Group


“SocialEdge allowed us to increase the number of social campaigns by 5x.”

Scott Paul — VP of Product, Disney’s Maker Studios

Social Software Marketing Suite

Find Creators & Influencers

Search for Creators, Partners, and Influencers to activate for Social, PR, and Brand Advocate Campaigns

Compare social stats such as engagement levels, and reach to work with the best Influencers

Social Campaigns

Plan, run and track Brand integration campaigns on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest.

Share wrap-up reports, mood boards and campaign performance to Advertisers and Clients

Relationship Management

One place to manage and track Influencers’ social channel earnings, performance, contracts and contacts.

Integration with YouTube CMS and Facebook Insights for insights to deeper data analytics management